EFI Team is the professional failure analysis group at the Department of Electronics Technology of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Starting in the mid 90s Hungary quickly became an important part of Europe’s electronics industry. By the early 2000s a number of multinational companies had established their plants in Hungary. The significance of this sector is shown by the fact that over 30% of the export of Hungary’s processing industry is produced by them.

Electronic manufacturers in Hungary – partners of BME-ETT and EFI (in 2011)

The Department of Electronics Technology (BME-ETT) at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) has developed strong connections with the revived industry. In the past 10 years BME-ETT’s students have become just as sought after as its R&D services.

BME-ETT’s competencies and education programs cover electronics production. Besides completing dozens of R&D projects on manufacturing technologies (from stencil printing through different soldering technologies to automated optical inspection) a small group has concentrated on fulfilling the industry’s demand for failure analysis. This is the group that has created EFI.

Besides the 5 years of experience in failure analysis with over 1000 solved cases, EFI also relies on the following professional resources:

  • BME-ETT’s competence in production technology, including colleagues completing their PhD theses on strongly practical fields from the self-alignment of SMD components through thermal characteristics of convection reflow ovens to the simulation of different processes of assembling technology in cooperation with our industrial partners
  • BME’s several other departments from the areas of physics, chemistry, material science, metallography, polymer engineering, mechanical engineering etc.
  • Several test laboratories with special facilities for complementary measurements from SIMS to vibration tests